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Our experience in the construction industry makes us a powerful tool at your advantage, letting you know why your plans are not approved and why or which reviewer is adding comments to add or change plan descriptions.

We will advise the you minimum submittal requirements, basic construction info that could be useful in preparing construction plans. If you need it.

Permit application documents:

We will prepare and fill out the proper applications required for the submittal process. We will also allocate the adequate documents and special inspection forms to disperse to the client or assigned contractor or we can be your contractor./project manager/ .

Expedite initial plan review process:

CF Construction and Remodeling, Inc. will advise the client if the city in which the project is in has any expediting, third party, or overtime procedures in order to get the project permitted as quickly as possible. The client should also be aware that by having CF Construction and remodeling, Inc. handle their project also attributes in expediting their permit.

Plan review status information:

Keeping up with the status of a project is a main priority to us. Once the project is submitted into the plan reviewing department we will supervise the process to insure the turn around time is adequately met. Any information that is derived about the project will be made accessible to the client. We also keep constant contact with the project/s designer to facilitate the response to any comments or red lines in order to get the job permitted as quick and efficient as possible.

Permit expediting:

Pulling permits after all plans reviewed for your contractor and subs not a problem we'll help you fill out all forms and pull permits.

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